Week 5

Another busy week in B4.


In Maths,  we have continued to explore decimals and have used a variety of concrete apparatus to help us to understand exactly what decimals are and how we can use mental methods to calculate with them.  We have used bead strings to help us find complements to 1 and I would encourage ALL children to continue to practise their number bonds to 100 as this is invaluable when working with decimals.  We have also continued to use Dienes and today introduced tens frames and counters to help visualise what regrouping with decimals actually looks like.


In English, we have been expiring the magical world of the Place Between and have been challenging ourselves to produce amazing vocabulary and to really think about the impact that our words have on our audience.  I am looking forward to reading the final work that we started writing today and will continue with next week.


IN PSHE we have been talking about the rights and responsibilities that children have all around the world but actually how so many children are not as lucky as we are.  I was blown away with the levels of empathy that the children showed and I just confess I shed a tear or two listening to their brilliant conversations.  We then thought about the responsibilities that we have that go hand in hand with those rights and it was lovely to hear how much EVERY child enjoys being in a calm, focused learning environment and how they recognise the positive impact rmtgagbit has in their learning.  I certainly appreciate the effort that every child puts in to creating an great learning environment every day.


We have finally finished our first class book, “The Longest Night Of Charlie Noon”.  It certainly threw up some surprises.  Next week we will begin our next book, “A Pinch of Magic.”


On Thursday we will be having an additional open class session focused on reading comprehension so please do come along.