Week 5

This week was Assessment Week.


Throughout the week, the children completed a series of past Reading, SPAG and Maths SATs papers. I was really impressed with how focused the children were, and how well they applied their skills and showcased their understanding. I was particularly impressed with the increase of marks achieved on the Maths arithmetic paper. Keep up the great work B6! 


In our English and Topic sessions, we planned and began writing our newspaper reports about the Viking raid on Lindisfarne. We identified and discussed the main features of this text type, and then used these within our writing. On Friday, we started to publish our work on Purple Mash. Check out our photos next week to see our amazing work! Next week, we are going to be completing our newspaper reports, and then writing explanation texts about the circulatory system. 


Next week in Maths, we are going to recap and develop our understanding of how to simplify fractions, identify equivalent fractions, and order fractions on a number line. 


(Apologies that there are no photos this week - there will be double next week!!)