Week 5 - W/C 2nd December

Another fantastic week of learning has taken place in M3 this week. We are beginning to get into the Christmas spirit where started reading our new class story, The Christmasaurus. We were lucky enough to take part in a Story Makers session with the illustrator, where we drew our very own Christmasaurus. 


In Maths, we have been exploring angles and have been beginning to learn about right angles as well as angles that are smaller than a right angle (acute angles) and angles larger than a right angle (obtuse angles). Next week we will be looking at different types of lines, including perpendicular lines. 



In English, we finished writing our very own adventure stories based on The Stone Age Boy. The children then worked together to edit and improve their work. Some fantastic and very adventurous stories were written. 



In History, we have been continuing our learning on The Stone Age, we looked at Cave Paintings and learnt a bit about the history of them as well as then creating our very own cave paintings.