Week 5 - W/E 24th May

The last week of this half term has been another very busy one!


In English, we wrote the first 3 paragraphs of our persuasive rainforest letters. We will complete them after the holiday and then send them to the other class teachers. We are telling them all the worrying facts we have found out about the destruction of the rainforest and what we want to do to try and help.


In Maths, we have continued with our work on division, extending our learning on to the early stages of long division. Once again, we used Dienes to model our calculations and recorded our work in our Maths books.


In Science, we set up our investigations into 'What do plants need to grow well?'. we worked with a partner and looked at the conditions we thought were needed and chose one to investigate. The sunflowers we planted are also growing really well.


At the end of the week, we finished our pneumatic system models, in D.T. We were really pleased with them and were very excited when told we could take them home on Friday. Look at our pictures; they're great!

Maths - Long Division

D.T. - Working on our pneumatic system models