Week 5 - W/E 2nd February

English - Stone Age Boy Role Play

Spelling - We dictate sentences, containing our spelling words, to each other.

Maths - Making 2-d shapes using angles

In Maths, we used angles to construct 2-d shapes. We then had to decide if our shapes had any right angles, angles less than right angles or any angles greater than a right angles. We also found out about acute and obtuse angles. Ask us to see if we can remember what they are!

Maths - Creating 2-d shapes using Tangram pieces

English - Creating a story map for Stone Age Boy.

English - Planning a Stone Age story

In English this week we finished reading the story 'Stone Age Boy'. We then created a story map which plots the different parts of the story. After that we brainstormed ideas for different settings and events by working in groups and writing them down. We used the ideas sheets to map our own Stone Age story and will continue working on them next week.

History - The Stone Age

This week we have continued with our Stone Age topic. We have been finding out about what Stone Age people ate. They were hunter-gatherers and were only able to hunt or collect food during specific seasons during the year. In this activity we are collecting information about what could be gathered during different seasons. Stone Age people had to be careful as some of the things they might have picked were poisonous. We found out that the most varied range of foods could be gathered during the Autumn.