Week 5 - W/E 4th October

In English this week, we have carried on working on our instruction work. We practised editing a set of instructions, improving the punctuation, spelling and grammar and making sure it had all the features. We also had to order a set of mixed-up instructions. At the end of the week, we started using 'Dare to Care: Pet Dragon' to think about planning our own instructions. We practised saying the text aloud and then drew pictures to represent the text as a way of remembering the words.

Next week, we will be continuing planning our own instructions on how to feed our pet mythical beast.


In Maths, we started work on measures.. We compared and ordered weights and then estimated how heavy a selection of objects were. After that, we worked on reading measurements from a range of different scales. Next week, we will be working on a variety of strategies for mental addition.


We continued with our 'Where Do We Live' Geography topic this week. We used atlases to find and identify rivers, seas, hills and mountains. Our atlas research skills are really improving!