Week 5 - W/E 6th October

Yet again, we have had another busy week in Year 3. Alongside all our normal activities, we had the fun of our ‘Reading Breakfast’ and ‘No Pens Wednesday’ taking place. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our reading event; your first opportunity to join us in the classroom.


Our week began with Music, where we began to learn to play the recorder. Miss Caperon showed us how to hold the instrument correctly and, using the note 'B', we performed a simple piece of music. We have to try and remember that our left hand is at the top of the recorder and our right hand is below it. Hopefully, those of us who have bought our own recorder and book, will have a chance to practise at home J. We are really looking forward to our next lesson.


This week in English, we started exploring instructional texts. We discussed the purpose of the text type and identified common features of a variety of instructional texts. We hadn’t realised how many written and spoken instructions we hear, say or read every day! In the story 'The Minpins', Little Billy offers to help the tiny tree people escape from the terrorising, fearsome beast called the Gruncher. Next week we will be using what we have found out about the features and structure of instructional texts to write a set of instructions about how to trap a sharp-toothed, smoke snorting, gigantic beast!


Following our Reading Breakfast on Wednesday, it was 'No Pens Day'. The aim of the day was to show children that not everything in life has to revolve around a writing implement and that that learning can take place through speaking, listening and taking part in practical activities. Throughout the day, we completed a variety of practical activities, including freeze-frames linked to our instructional texts, Maths games and investigations and art collages. We thoroughly enjoyed the day and a large number of us would be quite happy if we never had to use a pen or pencil in school again!


In Science this week, we have continued with our topic of Plants. We have started thinking about what a plant needs in order to grow and have begun to plan an investigation to test this. Next week we will set it up and see if our predictions are correct.


Please check the Reminders section for some information regarding Pencil Cases and P.E. Kit. Thank you!