Week 5 - W/E 7th February

We have had another busy time  in B3 this week.


We are still working on our dinosaur non-chronological reports in English. We have been editing and improving our work and next week, we will be copying it up and including illustrations.

This week in Maths, we have started a unit on Statistics. We are collecting data and making both pictograms and bar charts. 
In P.S.H.E. this week we carried on our work using our new JIGSAW scheme. This week, we talked about what our dream school would be like. Again, we tended to focus on a fantasy dream school but also talked about what a real dream school would be like.

On Friday, we had 'Number Day' in Year 3.

We took part in a whole range of numerical activities, working as individuals, in pairs and in groups. It was great to spend the whole day focusing on Maths.


Before we lunch we had a carousel of three activities. Each group rotated round and had a go at the following:

1. Facts About...

..numbers from 1 to 10. we had to think about each number and come up with facts linked to them e.g. there are 4 sides on a square; 4 children in quadruplets; 4 main compass points. Once we'd brainstormed ideas, we wrote them down around each number.

Facts About...

2. Calculator Problems.

We used calculators to work on 3 different investigations where we could use a calculator. We had to use 'trial and error' strategies where we tried out our ideas and if they didn't work, tried another way to see if it did work.

Calculator Problems

3. Snakes and Ladders

In groups, we played Snakes and Ladders. It was great fun and a number of us nearly won the game but then landed on a snake, on square number 99. and slid all the way down to square 41. If you'd like a copy of our Snakes and Ladders board please ask Mrs Lowden and she'll send one home. You'll just need counters and a die to play!

Snakes and Ladders

We then had a go at the 'Number Challenge'. We had to fill in the missing information on a sheet using the clues. For example, the first clue was '4 C on a S' which was '4 corners on a square'. Mrs Lowden said that we could take it home  and anyone who completed it would win a small prize. The answers will be uploaded nest week.
After lunch, we looked at a selection of number-themed poems. We read them through, discussed them and then decided on our favourite poem. Next week, we will have the opportunity to investigate the poems in more detail and add illustrations to some of them.
Our final activity of the day was 'Smarties Maths'. We each had a small box of Smarties and had to carry out a number of maths tasks relating to them. We estimated, calculated, made patterns and a variety of other activities. The best part was that we got to eat the Smarties at the end!

Smarties Maths