Week 5 - W/E 8th February

In English this week, we continued writing our non-chronological dinosaur reports. We are planning, writing and editing each paragraph of our report. Each paragraph focuses on a different aspect of dinosaurs e.g. appearance, diet, habitat etc. We will be continuing with this work next week.

English: Peer-marking our non-chronological dinosaur reports

We have continued our Science work on Rocks and Soils by testing rocks to see if they are permeable or non-permeable. Firstly, we looked at our set of rocks and decided if each was sedimentary, igneous or metamorphic. Then we put a drop of water on each and observed what happened to it. was it absorbed or did it stay on the surface. 

Science: Testing rocks for permeability

Art: Using our paint-mixing skills to create 'Shades of Winter'.