Week 6

Design your very own investigation
The bigger your foot, the further you kick a ball?
The longer your fingers, the better your aim?
The longer your legs, the further you cartwheel?
The longer your nose, the the better your smell?
The longer your legs, the faster you run?
All of our fantastic ideas!
Blast from the past
Easter Egg Hunt
Collecting our counters
Counters of the exact same shade?
Mm...Easter eggs!
Though this has been a very short week, it's also been extremely busy so everyone will be suitably exhausted and ready for a relaxing Easter break. Wishing everybody a fantastic Easter holiday and we look forward to starting our Summer term refreshed and ready to learn. Our new topic will be about the environment we live in, focusing on living things and their habitats and preparing ourselves for our very exciting trip to Gaveston!