Week 6

What an exciting last week this has been! We've been on a bug hunt, we've had our celebration afternoon sleeping and building dens in the classroom, we've had meaty debates about religious freedom and tolerance, and finally ended the week with an afternoon sharing our poems and pieces of art! Not to forget writing non-chronological reports in English and articulating our reasoning in Maths choosing different methods for each calculation depending on the numbers. No wonder all the children seemed totally exhausted by Friday! Thank you to all the parents and carers who were able to attend our afternoon today to celebrate the children's hard work. 


When we come back, we are looking forward to starting a new topic in History, delving into a new book in English exploring characters, points of view and using inference, and taking on graphs of all kinds in Maths. Time seems to be flying by so make sure you all enjoy your long half term and come back refreshed and ready to learn!