Week 6

An exciting day for Year 6, as a long-awaited visit from Dr Helen, a Paleontologist, (Paleontology breaks down to the Greek for "ancient" (paleo), "being" (onto-), and "study" (-logy),  took place on Tuesday.It was a treat to see the overwhelming amount of 'real history' laid out in front of us all. Hands on, was the order of the day, and nobody held back.


After Dr Helen's explanation of what paleontology is all about, the children quickly got into groups to explore the huge range of fossils. They had a worksheet to complete, by shading in areas from different periods of time, according to the fossil evidence. Having visited every period (table), the children could clearly identify how evolution was seen to have taken place. This was just the beginning of a day of exploration...

The first activity - fossil evidence of Evolution

Games to prove 'survival of the fittest'

A timeline of Evolution

Evolution of beaks (Adaptation) - Darwin's study of Finches (Galapagos Islands)

A brilliant day of learning, fun and questions!


Our children were on task throughout the day and raised the most amazing questions, revealing their interest and understanding of the subject.  


As all good workshops left us wanting to know more.


Our thanks goes to Dr Helen.