Week 6

It has been another action packed week - and luckily, there have been no further sightings of the dragon!


In English, we explored the features of newspaper reports. We identified the 5Ws (Who? What? Where? Why? When?) and discussed the purpose of them within a report. As well as the 5Ws, we were also able to find examples of 3rd person, past tense, facts and opinions and quotations. Next week, we are going to be using these features to plan our own newspaper report about our recent dragon sighting.


In Maths, we thought about the most effective strategies to use when adding numbers mentally. We quickly released that using number bonds and other known facts would aid us with our calculations and were able to show our understanding using tens frames and dienes. We then recorded our work using jottings and diagrams.


During some of our afternoon sessions, we continued our topic work about 'Where We Live'. We developed our map-reading skills and had a lot of fun using an atlas to locate cities, rivers and seas around the U.K. Have a look at our photos to see us hard at work in our Topic sessions!  

Map Work