Week 6

In Maths, we have been learning about multiples of numbers and focussing on multiples of 25.  We have also been learning about the DISTRIBUTIVE law and understanding that if we need to fin 17 x 6, we can find 10 x 6 and 7 x 6 and then add the together.


In English we have been continuing our work in myths and learning about the brith and marriage of Venus.  We have used drama tobhelpnus rehearse our ideas orally before writing.


We had a great trip to The Royal Albert Hall on Wednesday to watch the Primary Proms.  It was great to watch the children's reaction when they walked into the auditorium for the first time. There were a lot of gasps!  The children were brilliant and represented the school very well.


IN PSHE, we focussed on how our actions can impact other people's feelings and reflecting on a time where we didn't make the right choice.  We have made a paper chain to show that we understand what we did wasn't right.  

Our Wellbeing Wall has been filled with Post It notes for our children of the day and it is great to see the children noticing and focussing on other children's positive behaviour choices. We are enjoying feeding back at the end of each day and looking forward to seeing who the 2 children will be.