Week 6 - 4th December

We are speeding through the weeks and anticipating Christmas with huge enthusiasm!


I can't believe we only have one more week and two days left - hang on to your Christmas hats everyone!


We marched up the hill - and down again!


Wednesday saw us saw us having a very early lunch then walking to Bushey Heath. We arrived at the Niland Conference Centre, (eventually! And out of puff!) to be met by representative from the Police and Fire Brigade.


Our children were quickly put into groups and then they took part in a wonderful set of workshops. These included: Road safety, drug safety, anti-cyber-bullying, fire safety in the home, being safe near trains, being responsible for your own actions and first aid. Our children were well behaved, attentive and very keen to participate. Every child came away with up to date safety knowledge,  an awareness of how things can escalate very quickly and how it is so important to stay alert and to be informed. The services who provided these workshops were exemplary in their teaching and the children and staff applaud their keenness to impart life skills and knowledge. 


Our grateful thanks goes to each and every one of them.