Week 6: 7 October 19

Our week entailed of so many fantastic challenges this week. In Math we have been learning to use known multiplication facts to divide, applying the divisible rule (2,3,4 and 5) to our work and looking at a range of strategies to recall known facts of multiplication.


In English children have produce a range of writing such as retrieving information from non- friction texts, we began depicting the main features of a newspaper report as well as concluded our writing where we told the story from another characters point of view. Students used a range of strong emotive language that made you feel as if you really were the police man from the story 'Journey to Jo' Burg'.  


Our ICT lesson has been really engaging as students have been using the online program Purple Mash to develop their coding skills. Children have been faced with a range of challenges where they had to read and understand coding instructions to move and build objects on the software.