Week 6: 7 October 19

It has been another exciting week of learning in Year 6.  In Maths we have been exploring SATs style papers, to not only expose the children to the style of questioning they will encounter, but also to identify the most efficient methods that suit the questions.  The children have enjoyed unpicking their methods and creating their own SATs style questions.  English has seen the children create fabulous character profiles of Cameron, the main character in our text 'Pig Heart Boy' - we worked on what we knew for certain about him and what we could infer about him from the choice of vocabulary used by the author; it was also an opportunity for the children to pose questions - which I felt were very insightful.  There are now several versions of Cameron hanging up in our classroom...

In History we have completed our Viking timelines and identified the most important date and justified why we believe this to be such a crucial date.  This has then allowed us to explore in more detail why the Vikings left Scandinavia; the routes they took to get to Britain; where they first invaded and why.  The children are really enjoying learning about the Vikings.  Art was more observational sketches of shells and working with the medium charcoal - the outcomes from this session were amazing and I am impressed with the quality of work they produced.