Week 6

Picture 1 Book Launch Day
Picture 2 Sharing our stories
Picture 3 Acting out states of matter - solid!
Picture 4 Liquid!
Picture 5 Gas!
Picture 6 Solid!
Picture 7 Water cycle experiment
Picture 8 Making observations
Picture 9 Observing evaporation
Picture 10 Observing condensation
Picture 11 Celebration - making slime!
Picture 12 How stretchy can it get?

It's been a very busy week in B4! We have been writing and editing, preparing our own versions of Escape from Pompeii for our book launch. It was lovely to celebrate the work of the children so thank you to those parents and carers who were able to attend. We have also been working on changing states of matter and first acted out the three states of matter, before applying our understanding to explore the water cycle through our own experiment. We ended the week with our celebration, which involved playing games outside and making slime. Well done B4 on all your hard work this half term and we're looking forward to applying ourselves with as much enthusiasm to our very new topic, which will remain secret until we come back after half term!

Remember to keep reading. Your goal is to read 10 times before next Thursday.

You will also find your spellings below which you need to continue practising.

Have a great half term everyone!

Picture 1
Term starts for children on September 4th - happy holidays!