Week 6 - 9th October

What a BRILLIANT week in year 6...


From fossil hunting to drama, to an amazing trip to London, we have had a ball.


We began our week by looking at a painting of a middle-aged lady from the 1700's. The children were tasked to work out who she may have been, when she might have lived, what she might have done and what sort of character she was. Fabulous discussions began as the children explored the visual clues. Following this: outside to look for...what? No clues were given - but children began to find fossils. Asked if they could surmise a connection between the two, for some, everything fell into place as several children had thought she was an archeologist. However, for many, much to their surprise, the painting was of the famous fossil hunter, Mary Anning. The children then acted out her life and her triumph of finding some of the most important fossil discoveries, which helped to shape our understanding of dinosaur species and evolution.


Thursday saw us all travelling to London, via over-ground and underground trains to our destination, the Natural History Museum. Our children were impeccably behaved throughout the day and moved FAST when they needed to - we arrived, a little breathless, but ready for an amazing day. One of the first exhibts seen, was some of the very fossils that Mary Anning had found in Dorset. The children saw history in front of them - they were awestruck!

The children were able to explore the museum in different ways, in large and small groups, as well as in pairs or on their own. I was able to trust them completely.

We then followed this with an informative and interesting workshop. The children embraced all they were taught, and answered an amazing range of questions, knowledgeably. A fantastic day was had by all and compliments from helpers, museum staff and the public abounded.


A HUGE thank you to all those who came with us and supported us - we could not have done it without you.


Well done children, you were FANTASTIC and made me so PROUD.