Week 6 - W/E 11th October

Our English sessions this week have been focusing on completing our unit on Instructions. We used a boxing-up grid and text mapping to plan instructions on how to feed our pet mythical beast. In the last two sessions of the week, we used our plans to write our instructions and then used a features grid to edit and improve what we had done. Who knew there was so much to try and include in a set of instructions!

Next week, we will be starting work on writing Recounts in the form of letters.

In Maths, we have continued our work developing our mental addition skills. We were using a whole range of strategies to practise our skills. These strategies will give us a range to choose from when carrying out mental addition. Next week we will be investigating strategies for mental subtraction.
We also completed our Geography topic, 'Where We Live', this week. We have found out so much about the United Kingdom and the history of London. Next week, we will be starting an Art unit linked to developing our drawing and painting skills.