Week 6 - W/E 12th October

This week has been another busy week in Year 3 at Bushey Manor.


Following on from the excitement of all things dragon related last week, in English we have been looking at recounts written in the form of Newspapers. We found out that a good recount contains the 5 Ws: who?, what?, where?, when? and why? These give the reader all the information needed about the incident or story.

Next week, we will be investigating further features of newspaper recounts and then writing our own about the discovery of the dragon egg and the camera footage.


In Maths, we have been developing our mental fluency with addition. We have been adding numbers using regrouping to help us. This has really made us think about number bonds to ten and multiples of ten. we used Dienes, tens frames and counters to help us. Some of us were able to calculate the correct answers but found it very challenging to explain how we worked it out using mathematical vocabulary. See an example below.

In Geography, we have been working on our map skills and in using an atlas. We have been looking at the countries and capital cities of the United Kingdom and marking them on a map. We followed this by looking at the bodies of water around the UK and identifying ten of the main rivers. We had to use an atlas to help identify which was which.