Week 6 - W/E 13th October

Once again, we have had another really busy week in B3.


As usual, our week started with Music, where we are continuing with our recorder lessons. We are learning new rhythms using the note B and are hoping that we will be good enough to demonstrate our skills in our assembly on Thursday.


In English we have continued with our work on writing instructions on ‘How to Trap a Gruncher’. We edited and up-levelled what we had already written and copied out our amended work. We made sure we had used all the features of an instructional text including an introduction, a list of what is needed, bullet points or numbers and time connectives.


Maths this week has seen us continuing to use a whole range of equipment to consolidate our understanding of place value, rounding, ordering and representing numbers. We have used Dienes, counters, measuring cylinders/jugs, bead strings, money, rulers, number squares, number lines and more! Using a practical approach has really helped us consolidate our understanding. On Friday, we considered where we see numbers in the real world. We realised that we see and use numbers all the time and, because they are always there, we take them for granted. We shared a book called ‘Nigel’s Numberless World’ and, like Nigel in the story, came to the conclusion that numbers really are very useful!


In Science we continued to plan our plant investigation but didn’t have time to set it up. We are going to be investigating what a plant needs to grow and planting seeds in a variety of conditions to see if they grow or not.


We also began getting organised for our assembly next week. We have so much to share so really hope you’ll be able to join us on Thursday at 8.55 in the school hall.