Week 6 - W/E 7th June

In English this week we finished our persuasive letters, about raising funds to help the rainforest, to BM staff. We began by doing some peer-marking; working together to up-level our work with a partner. We then finalised our letters and spent the rest of the week publishing (writing up) them, ready to deliver next week.


In Maths, we completed our long division unit, with the calculations gradually getting more difficult. We ended the week with a time quiz in preparation for next week.


Our Science work is still focusing on Plants. This week, we were investigating how plants transport water. We set up an investigation where we have put celery in food dye and have predicted what we think will happen. We will check on our experiment next week


On Friday, we took part in the BFF. Sponsored Bounce. We went into the hall and, in small groups, took turns to bounce on the bouncy castle. It was great fun!

English - Peer-marking our persuasive letters

Sponsored Bounce