Week 6 - W/E 9th February

E-safety workshop

We started the week with an e-safety workshop. We found out about how to keep ourselves safe online. We realised that when we interact with other people in games, they may not always be who they say they are. It is really important that we don't tell anyone our personal information. If we feel worried or upset but what someone says or does we need to tell a trusted adult.

Chalk Pastel Cave Drawing

This week, as our 'We Will Rock You' topic draws to a close, we did chalk pastel cave paintings. We researched the types of images that would have been drawn and tried them out in our sketchbooks, in pencil, first. We then drew our pictures on sugar paper.
On Friday afternoon, we had our class celebration; a Gadget, Toy and Games session. We played on our gadgets, watched by the cuddly toys we had brought in, some of us made a den and we took turns in going inside, we drew, read and some of us played card and board games. All-in-all, great fun was had!! frown