Week 6 - wk.beg. 19th Feb 2018

In Maths we have, again, been doing lots of investigative work related to measurements and conversion.  It has involved problem solving, team work and incorporating the many pre-learned strategies, such as working backwards.  We have also  began to explore the numerous types of measurements that can be used - what is a Mol or Radian?  

We begin to further explore the story Skellig - who is this creature hiding in the garage?  Does he have wings?  Will the baby get better?  What are our shoulder blades for?  What links can be made to evolution?  Who is Mina?  So many questions, so much to unravel!  The children are really enjoying the story and have lots of great theories to offer to answer the questions above.  They have done some very creative pieces of writing.   

In Science we are looking at the life cycle of a plant.  We have looked at the variety of ways a plant can reproduce and  Eric Searle's 'The Tiny Seed' helped us to explore how the wind contribute to this in greater detail.  The children have enjoyed investigating how a plants grow and have subsequently produced some great work to demonstrate this.  We will, over the next couple of week, start doing some planting of seeds in class, so the children can make further observations about a plant's life cycle.  Alongside this, they will conduct a dissection of a plant, so they can name all the parts and examine these closely.   

In Geography we are exploring the relationship between people and resources and how these are distributed globally.