Week 6

First of all, a massive thank you to all the parents that joined us this morning for the 'M4 At Home' session. It was lovely to see so many enthusiastic participants to our maths learning and it really helped us to continue our other learning throughout the day!

This week, the pictures really summarise what a fun-filled timetable of learning we have had, so we will let the photos do the talking! In summary though, we have progressed our knowledge of number by looking at regrouping. We started using resources, then progressed to drawing the model and then finally regrouping using the digits in the numbers. Our English led us further into Perseus and Medusa and then our Art lesson saw us practising mark marking in clay in preparation for making the final models. Science was a big tangle of food webs. Next week, digestion!

We have learnt several new phrases in Spanish and are working towards performing role plays by the end of the term. Next week will be our final installment of Ancient Greek and the first set of assessments. Miss Gregory is looking forward to seeing all the children's hard work come together for their topic books!