Week 7

In Maths, we have started our unit on Division. We have learnt how to use a bar model to support our understanding of division and found fact families (the related multiplication facts) for the 7's and 9's. Next week, we will continue to rehearse multiplication and division facts.


In English this week we began planning our own myths. We started by brainstorming good vocabulary before using a story planner to box up our ideas. Next week we will begin writing our myths focusing on one paragraph at a time.


In RE we continued learning about the way that Hindus worship God. We learnt that this is called puja. Hindus can do this at home and in the temple. It is a way to calm themselves and focus on God.


In PE we have been learning about Netball. We were practicing two types of passes - chest pass and bounce pass. It was really fun learning how to pivot while doing a chest pass.