Week 7: 14 October 19

How do we write a balanced argument?  This is the learning question we have been exploring in English this week and to allow the children to successfully complete this task, we have conducted not only a conscience alley but also a whole class debate.  The debate involved teams supporting the sides of the argument 'for' and against, who then presented their arguments to the Chair and panel, who would then decide 'Should people climb Mount Snowdon?'  The children thoroughly researched their sides of the argument and were fully prepared to present their ideas - I was incredibly proud of not only their professionalism but the quality of their arguments. Well done B6.  I am really looking forward to the written work that will come from this high quality debate.

Problem solving and reasoning has been the key to success in Maths this week.  It has been wonderful to watch the children manipulate resources, work together in teams to find the answer.  Using their known facts, to support their learning of new ideas, has been paramount to this learning and the children have really pushed themselves out of their comfort zones on many occasions - well done B6!

Viking Warriors have caused a buzz of excitement across the Year group.  Who were these warriors?  The children have begun to explore how fearsome they were and the reasons behind their success.  With Thor as the Vikings idol, I am not surprised they were such a threat to the Anglo-Saxons!  I look forward to planning newspaper reports about the Viking invasion, with the children, next week.