Week 7

An important life-skill was taught this week, CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) to all our children in Year 6.


The Fire Officer from our local brigade, spoke of the importance of such training, in terms of: with CPR, hope - Without CPR, no hope. Our children listened thoughtfully and well. Following this, they all took part in the scenario of a collapsed teacher on the playground and how to manage the situation. They not only showed great aptitude for the task in hand, but also made sure that they really had understood everything, by competently going through the correct manoeuvres and asking relevant and thought provoking questions.


As always, I am stunned by the wide range and depths of questions that our children raise, and today was no exception. The Fire Officer and myself were deeply moved by the respect and attitude of our young people, who undertook this training with such decorum.


They all did amazingly well and I am sure, that given an unfortunate situation, they would be able to react appropriately.