Week 7

Our last full week in the first half term and we have continued working hard.


In Maths, we have been investigating patterns in times tables and using arrays to understand what times tables actually look like.  We have continued to look at our reasoning behind our understanding.  The children are also really thinking about their presentation in their books as thisnis so important on their learning.


In English we have continued on our myths unto and learned about Anchises and Aeneus and the fall of Troy.  We have continued to explore figurative language and how it helps us, as readers, to really picture the story in our heads.  If we can appreciate as a reader, we will be able to use it effectively in our writing.  We have also been looking at main clauses and subordinate clauses and how we use conjunctions to join them together to make complex sentences.


In RE the children learnt about where And how Hindus worshipped and were able to write detailed descriptions of what it might like be to enter into a Hindu temple.


In Science, we have been learning about classification and next week, weather dependent, we will be looking around the school grounds for mini beasts to classify.


WEll done to the whole class who are all playing TT Rockstars frequently and I can see amazing results!