Week 7 - 24/02/20

Welcome back! I hope that everyone had a relaxing but fun half term!


We have had a great first week back - Science Week! Our theme for the week was Sound and we enjoyed completing a whole variety of activities linked to this sense. 


In order to develop our understanding of the ear and how it works, we spent our English sessions researching information and completing planning sheets. Towards the end of the week, we produced fantastic double-page non-chronological reports and look forward to sharing them with you at Parents' Evening later this half term. 


In our afternoon sessions, we completed a range of sound investigations. On Monday and Tuesday, we worked in groups to explore which noise travelled the furthest across the playground. After interpreting our results, we found out that a large triangle produced the loudest sound over a distance of 30m and should therefore be used by the adults when they are trying to get the children's attention in the mornings! On Thursday, we had a lot of fun representing sound through art. We were inspired by some of the music from Ten Pieces and used crayons, paint and oil pastels to record our feelings and thoughts. We concluded the week, producing musical instruments from recyclable items. Thank you to everyone for sending in empty boxes, tubes and containers. Check out our 'Week in Pictures' section to see us creating our instruments. 


Don't forget, it is Book at Bedtime on Wednesday 4th March and World Book Day (dress-up optional) on Thursday 5th March.