Week 7

Science Week!

What a wonderful first week back. We have started the second part of the Spring term with Science week and the class have been looking at how human eyes work and labelling the various parts that make up the eye. We have also being creating perspective drawings, looking at how the eye sees things that are nearer/further away. We had to focus on the horizon line and vanishing points, and how to use both as guide to create accurate street scenes.

In maths, we have been looking at plotting and reading coordinates in all four quadrants, and in English we have written a diary entry from the perspective of Cliff or Olive (from 'Letters from a Lighthouse'), focussing on how to use informal language and engaging the reader.

Next week is World Book Week and we are looking forward to celebrating all of the wonderful literature we have at our fingertips to help us learn.


Well done to Daham for the Golden Book award, and welcome to the class!