Week 7

What a brilliant end to the half term! This week we have completed our topic on Ancient Greeks by carrying out a number of exciting and fun activities. Alongside our half termly assessments, we have created the final design for our Greek pots with the help of Mrs Lowden, we have written our own Greek Myths using a jar of ribbons as a writing stimulus and we completed in our very own Greek Olympics Relay Races!

The week started by looking at how we estimate and round numbers on a number line. A few of us were asked to come to the front with different numbers written on white boards and then other children were asked to place themselves on the number line to the closest 10 or 100 to their own number. This activity really helped us to understand the idea of rounding 2 and 3 digit numbers. Following on from this, Mrs Sherwood from the infants then came in and introduced a large, clear, glass jar containing all different ribbons. She asked us to think of the 5 W’s (what, who, where, when, why) as well as the important How, to start creating a story where the jar was a magical object. We then spent a couple of days with Miss Gregory building up lots of wonderful descriptive vocabulary and creating a plan for our characters. We worked really hard on linking our own stories to the format of a Greek Myth and including the key features of the text type. What imaginations we have!

Later in the week, Mrs Lowden demonstrated how we could create clay tiles that could form a piece of Greek pot and how to make effective and authentic patterns and designs in the Greek Style. We really enjoyed making repeating patterns and discovering the different types of imprints we could come up with. We are very excited to get the tiles fired in the kiln and then painting and varnishing them to look really impressive.

Tuesday began with watching a clip of the Jamaican team with the Men’s Relay Final at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Usain Bolt’s performance gave us the inspiration and the enthusiasm to partake in the Year 4 Relay Finals. We got into teams of 5 or 6 (some of us even joined up with other children from B4) and then it was a battle to the finish line. We showed excellent team work and communication skills and even got to take turns being the crowd supporting the different teams. Another fun memory to look back on.

To finish the week, we had our celebration time in the class room and there were games and gadgets galore. We had the choice to play on board games or gadgets from home, or to go outside and play with various sports equipment on the playground. Lots of fun had all round and it was the perfect way to kick of the Half Term.

Overall, Autumn Term 1 has been pretty amazing in M4 and Miss Gregory is keeping us in suspense as to what the focus will be in Term 2. All we know is that it is based around one of Miss Gregory’s favourite book characters… any guesses?


Quote of the week from a member of M4:

Miss Gregory: "Are there any animals that do not have teeth?" (during a Science lesson)

Child in M4: "Grandmas don't have teeth!"