Week 7 - W/E 19th October

This week, in English, we continued to look at the features of newspaper reports. We investigated the differences between facts and opinions. Later in the week, we were very excited to receive a letter from a local resident, who wanted to report strange goings-on in her garden. She had heard that there had been a recent dragon sighting and wondered whether the incidents were in some way connected. Mrs Dreyton, who lives in Silverdale Road, explained that on one occasion she had been sat in her house, enjoying a cup of tea, when a huge flock of birds flew past her window, seemingly very startled and alarmed by something. Following this, her husband had noticed large scratch marks down the side of his shed and there had even been a loud squawk that had woken Mrs Dreyton during the night. This information has proven to be very useful and we will definitely be using it when we write our newspaper reports next week.

English - Fact or Opinion?

In Maths, we have been continuing to develop our knowledge of mental calculation strategies and have explored the concepts of ‘regrouping’, 'compensation' and 'complements to 100'. We finished the week discussing what makes an 'efficient' strategy.

On Wednesday afternoon, we had our weekly Computing session. We have had a lot of fun this half term using the website 'Purple Mash' to create our own animations. We have been developing our understanding of coding and have been exploring how this is used to bring images to life.

On Friday afternoon, we joined Mrs Rook down on the grassy bank by the path leading up to school.

This was to take part in the traditional Year 3 activity of planting bulbs ready for the Spring. We planted daffodils, so you can look forward to a splash of yellow as you walk up the path. There will also be a few other flowers; mystery bulbs planted by Year 3 staff J.