Week 7 - W/E 20th October

This week has been Assessment Week at Bushey Manor. In B3 we’ve been carrying out all sorts of activities to demonstrate our skills. We were also rehearsing our Assembly. It’s hard to believe that we have been at school for seven weeks; where has that time gone?!


On Monday, we continued with our recorder lessons. We started learning a new tune and are becoming a lot more confident with our playing.


In English this week, we have finished off writing our instructions. If I was a Gruncher, I’d be very afraid; so many ways to get trapped!


In RE, with Mrs Norman, we found out about the 99 Names of Allah. The basic belief of Islam is that there is only one God, whose name in the Arabic language is Allah. Muslims have 99 names to describe Allah. After hearing, and seeing, some of Allah’s names we thought up words to describe ourselves. We then wrote them around our name.


Wednesday was Family Disco night. Thanks to everyone who came along to strut their stuff!! It was great fun and there were some fabulous moves on show.


On Thursday morning, B3 had their first Learning Assembly. We worked really hard to put on a good show and we were amazed at how much work we had completed this half term. It was lovely to see so many parents, grandparents and siblings in the audience.


This morning children came into class with ‘Crazy Hair’!! There were some really fabulous styles to be seen, including use of coloured hairsprays, googly eyes, plaits, pompoms, bows and flowers. We also had troll hair, an ice cream and even a bird’s nest!! What a creative lot you all are.


Our week was rounded off with our Class Celebration. We voted for the cinema experience: watching a DVD and munching on popcorn. We could also bring pyjamas or our own clothes to change into although it was a bit tricky, what with it being Crazy Hair Day too! We turned down the lights and watched ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ whilst snuggling with cushions, blankets and soft toys. I can’t think of a better way to round off our first half term at Bushey Manor. Who knows what the rest of the year will bring?