Week 7 - W/E 23rd February

Maths - Playing the 'Bankers Game'.

In this team place value game, one person is the Banker and is in charge of a basket of Dienes apparatus. Players take it in turns to roll a 0 - 9 dice and ask the the Banker for the number of ones that is shown on the dice when it is rolled. These are placed in the ones column on the Place Value Grid (see Useful Information and Resources). As more ones are added, they can be exchanged for a ten stick once there are ten or more. The ten stick is then placed in the Tens column on the grid. When there are ten tens, they are exchanged for a hundred and it is placed in the Hundreds column on the grid. The winning team is the one with the highest total at the end.

Maths - Formal Written Addition - Column Method

This week we started work on formal written addition. We were using the column method where you have to lay your work out clearly. If you write the numbers in the wrong column then your answer will be incorrect.

At the beginning of the week we started with addition with no regrouping (1), then moved to addition with regrouping of ones (2) and then regrouping of tens (3). Some of us even worked on addition problems where we had to work out missing numbers , check using the inverse operation or answer questions presented in different ways (4). We are trying to get into the habit of estimating our answers first. This helps us to check whether our answer is reasonable when we have completed our calculation.

Mrs Sherwood was on hand to give us a bit of help if we got a bit stuck!