Week 8: 11.05.20

Hi Year 6,


Welcome to what is now week 8 of ‘Learning from Home’.  We hope that you all enjoyed the bank holiday weekend - celebrating VE Day75 in the glorious sunshine with your families at home. If you have any photos of your celebrations, we would love to see them!  You can either ask your parents to Tweet or email them to us.


If we had been together at school this week, it would have been SATs week.  We know that there is a real mix of emotions amongst us all as we enter this week; some of you would have relished the opportunity to sit the tests, whilst others of you will be relieved that you do not have to sit the tests.  We both feel disappointed that you didn’t get the opportunity to show off just how hard you had worked and all the progress you had made.  However, we know that school life is more than just the outcomes of a test!


We, as your teachers, are so proud of each and every single one of you Year 6.  Throughout our journey together, you chose to rise to every challenge we set you - nothing seemed impossible!  As a group of young people you were driven and determined to fly.  We always believed in you and knew you had so much potential – the learning and the progress, which took place in our classrooms, is testament to this! We believe that the beauty of it all is that you believed in yourselves and you therefore shined.  You believed you could be the best and that is exactly what happened. 


We don’t need test results to inform us about what an amazing group of young people you are; we have the privilege of being your teachers to tell us this. We couldn’t be prouder of the awesome group of young people you are.  You are a credit to our school and your families. 


Until you spread your wings you will have no idea how far you can fly’