Week 8 - W/E 21st June

This week, Year 3 have mainly been concentrating on preparing for our Year 3 Assembly. We started by getting together and brainstorming all the things that we could include. There was so much to choose from! We then got into groups and set to work, sorting out what we each wanted to say. Mrs Lowden then typed it all up, printed it out and gave us our words so we could practise. Miss Williams was busy sorting out all the photographs that were taken so that she could turn them into a slideshow for assembly. Then came the practising! It was quite difficult to concentrate but we managed a couple of run-throughs and, before we knew it, Friday morning had arrived. Lots of parents came to see us and we put on a good show!

We also started a new English unit on Traditional Tales, also known as Fairy Tales. We brainstormed as many as we could think of; there were lots! On Tuesday, we heard the story 'Jack and the Baked Beanstalk' - a modern retelling of 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. we really enjoyed it. We are going to be using it as a model for writing our own modern traditional tale.
In Art, we have started a unit of work linked to the painting 'Tropical Storm with a Tiger (Surprise!)' by the artist Henri Rousseau. We began by studying the painting and talking about it. We considered a variety of questions and found out information about the artist and his life. We will be going on to use it as a stimulus for our own artwork.