Week 8 - W/E 26th October

In English this week we have been continuing to write our newspaper reports about the dragon egg found on the field a few weeks ago. After completing our plan last week, we drafted the introduction, three information paragraphs and a concluding paragraph. Each day we edited the previous day’s work in order to up level it. In three of the paragraphs we included a quote from various sources.

Our Maths focus this week was Mental Fluency in Subtraction. We used apparatus and mental strategies to carry out subtraction calculations, using a variety of methods to record our working out. Trying out different strategies gives us a range to choose from once we become more confident. We also found out how important it was to be able to explain our working out. On Friday, we worked on calculations, using different strategies but had to include a written description too.

The final session of our Geography topic, ‘Where do we live?’ was based on Bushey. We looked at a painting, by local artist Hubert von Herkomer, called ‘Our Village’ and saw how very different Bushey is now, compared to when it was painted. However, some of the same features can still be seen. We also looked at photographs showing different buildings in Bushey and noted similarities and differences.

On Thursday afternoon, Year 3 had their end of half term celebration. We watched ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ and enjoyed a drink of squash. We’re already wondering what our treat might be at the end of next half term J.

The week was rounded off with our school Harvest Celebration. Each Year group shared some of the work they have been doing. In Year 3, pupils had the chance to share the Autumn work completed for home learning. It was lovely to see such a fantastic selection of colourful, imaginative work.

Look out for a new Home Learning Class Page feature coming next half term.