Week 8 - W/E 3rd November

After the half term break we returned to school full of enthusiasm and looking forward to the weeks leading up to Christmas.


We started the week with Music and continued with our recorder lessons. This week we learnt the note A.


In our Maths lessons we have been focussing on how we can use known facts to help us work out the answers to other addition facts. We have used a tens frame, counters and Dienes to help with our calculations. We will be continuing with this work next week.


Continuing our work linked to the Minpins book, we started working on designing a Gruncher. We had to consider how to draw the parts of the body so that they could be fixed together using split pins. This means that our Gruncher will have moving parts. We will use the iMotion App to create animations of our Grunchers moving through the forest.


In Science we set up our seed experiment. We will check on our broad bean seeds to see if they grow in a variety of conditions. We had to change one variable. Some of the experiments we set up were seeds planted in soil compared to no soil; seeds in the light and dark; seeds in warm conditions compared to those in cold conditions.


We finished the week with our Harvest celebrations. We took part in two performances where we shared facts about Harvest and showed letters we had made using our drawing and collage skills. The letters spelled out Harvest Festival.