Week 8 - wk.beg. 5th March

This week has certainly flown by and it is because of all the amazing learning your children have been engaged in!  It was also an absolute pleasure to see you all again this week at a parents evening, to celebrate your children’s successes and to discuss how we can continue moving them forward of their learning journeys - I am certainly excited about these next steps.


We continue to explore the gorgeous story Skellig.  The children really are beginning to understand the essence of this book, and its hidden messages.  They have some wonderful ideas,

which they are transferring into their writing; I can honestly say that they are writing like authors and it is an absolute joy reading their work.


Cube and square numbers have remained our focus this week and we have conducted some outstanding investigations.  It has been amazing watching the outstanding teamwork, curiosity and learning outcomes - well done Year 5.  They have asked ensquiring questions, researched new concepts and unravelled some challenging ideas in their quest to complete their challenges.  Keep up the excellent work as it is a pleasure being a part of your learning process.


We have been warming up to science week, by investigating the life cycle of birds, which the children have thoroughly enjoyed.  We will continue to explore owls next week and we truly have an exciting experiment for them.  Today we have been devising our own science experiments about how plants grow.  The children had to devise their own enquiry questions, consider and decide on all the equipment they would need, as well as propose a hypothesis based on their predictions.  I was impressed by their scientific minds and out of the box thinking! I look forward to observing what happens next week.


Next week is Science Week, and if you are able to pop in Friday afternoon from 1.30pm it would be great to see you participating in some exciting science investigations.