Week 9: 18.05.20

We now find ourselves in the last week of this half term - well done to each and everyone of you (including your families who have supported you throughout your learning journey), for getting this far and achieving so much! Once again we are so proud of all of you, as we know that it hasn't always been easy, so we want to celebrate all of your achievements!


It is really difficult for us to write this message, as today we know all of us would have been packing our suitcases and preparing for our residential to Dorset.  You would have been thinking about your choice of clothes; thinking about who you would have been sharing a room with whilst away; debating which cuddly toy would help you get to sleep at night; considering what the food choices might be and would it taste as nice as your parents' food; the trauma of choosing your outfit for the disco! We know that for all of you the trip was the highlight of the year; so it is with a heavy heart that we write today's message to you all.  


We can't recreate the residential for you unfortunately, but we are going to try and make this week as fun as we possibly can!  There will be an eclectic mix of activities for you to complete, which we have really spent some time thinking about, as we too were really looking forward to going away with you.  Each day will have a series of activities we would like you to complete.  Some days it will be a project and other days it will be a selection of activities you can choose from.  We hope you have fun!


Please take photos of your week and send them to us, so we can celebrate this week with you.  


You are an amazing bunch of young people, who never cease to surprise us with your resilience and positive mind sets in the most difficult and challenging of times.  We love being your teachers.


Miss Gregory and Mrs Terry


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