Week 9: 4 November 19

A week of awe and 'Wonder'.  Teaching short division to B6, whilst they were either dressed as a firework or some Halloween ghoul, was certainly a teaching moment I will not forget!  Our awe moment this week, was the mastering a new technique to help solve Long Division calculations - something some of them were more scared of, than the characters they were dressed up as early in the week!  They all illustrated true scholarship, whilst mastering this technique and I hope they all show you their newly acquired skill this weekend! 

In English, we continue to read Pig Heart Boy, which has enabled some challenging and emotive conversations this week, around the subject of animal to human organ donation.  I would like to celebrate the maturity with which the class handled the resources we used from the NHS Organ Donation forum, (which were very moving), to help move our learning forward.  I am looking forward to reading the work which will evolve from this learning.  In History, our intrepid journalists are busy finalising their newspaper reports, about the Viking raid on Lindisfarne in 793 AD, we are hoping the first editions will be published on this space!

At the end of every day, we continue to read our class book 'Wonder' - what a truly awe inspiring book!