Week 9: 8 November 19

Welcome back Year 5!


Students have jumped right back in to a well, full and packed week of learning. 


This week in English, we learnt about Nelson Mandela and the importance of his work. At the start of the week, we developed our note-taking skills and enjoyed researching interesting facts about the civil rights leader. We have started to explored the features of biographies and aim to write our own biography about Nelson Mandela over the coming week.


In Maths, we developed our understanding of mental strategies for addition and subtraction. These strategies included rounding for estimation, place value, equal sum, equal difference and regrouping. 


Our PSHE lesson this week explored the topic of 'New beginning' we worked together in groups where the teacher observed but only intervened if absolutely necessary. the aim of the lesson was to see how students handle and solve challenges when working together. They had the choice of 2 role plays to chose from, perform and act out. They then completed an evaluation form reflected on the outcome of the role play.

Check out the pictures in Autumn week 9


Finally, thank you to all of you who attended Parents' Evening we had a lovely turned out of parents, guardians and other family member who we would usually not get to meet.