Week 9 - wk.beg. 12th March 2018

What a fabulous week of science!  We definitely have some budding scientists in our class.  The week started with us exploring life cycles of mammals, and the children had to do their own independent research for their chosen animal.  This research ignited the children's creativity and allowed them to produce a piece of performance poetry (of which some were performed, when you visited us on the Friday), and I have to say the children did an amazing job.  We also had the exciting opportunity of working with the Year 2 students.  They were delighted to come and complete the Tea Bag Experiment with us, and we were equally excited, to take a walk down memory lane, to visit the Year 2's and complete the stretchy tights experiment.  Mrs Rook brought two of her chickens into school, which allowed us to observe the behavior of animals, produce graphs and analyse what the data showed us.  We were very lucky, as Cherry laid an egg, (much to the excitement of the children!).  The favourite experiment of the week though, had to be our Owl Pellet experiment, which the children loved.  Please ask them all about this, as they truly learnt so much about owls from this investigation. 

Budding Scientists.

Owl Pellets