Week Eight - 30th October

This week, in Marvelous M5, we have had a fantastic week back to learning! From PE to a fabulous Harvest assembly.

In our PE session, we started learning the rules of hockey and playing matches.

In RE, Mrs Norman taught us about Jewish Bar mitzvahs and Bat mitzvahs, which are coming of age celebrations for girls and boys.

In English, we have been writing Harvest festival diary entries, you may have heard a small selection in our assembly today, there will be plenty more on display for you to see. 

We have also been continuing our work on Journey to Jo'burg and South Africa in English and Geography.

In Maths, we have been working on positive and negative numbers thinking about temperature and pocket money to name a few real life contexts.

Another exciting part to the week was on Tuesday, we had our Cross Country competition, at Queens' school. Well done to Caius for coming overall second out of the boys and our top Bushey Manor finishers: Caius and Huey for the boys and Belle and Meya for the girls.


This week's summary has been written by some members of M5, so thank you and well done.

Looking forward to another great term ahead with you all!

Miss Dear