Week Eleven - 20th November

This week, in English, we used a picture of a scene from Journey to Jo’burg as inspiration. We wrote a narrative from two perspectives; the point of view of each character in the scene. We used emotive language to really express the thoughts and feelings of our characters.

Before doing this, we looked through our books and found improvements we could make to our writing. We wrote our targets on post-it notes, which we made sure we included in our writing.


In Maths, we continued to work in Maths groups, combining each class. We have been working on addition, subtraction and regrouping decimal numbers and put our learning into context by thinking of it as money. We also used rounding to estimate our answers, to check if they looked right. The resources which we used this week were Dienes blocks.


In Art, we have painted sunsets onto mini canvases (10cm x10cm). We used the colours: red, orange, yellow and gold, we had to blend the colours to make it look realistic. Next, we drew a tree and an animal, which is found in the Savanna, we painted them black to make them look like a silhouette. They are going up on display, but you can see these in our Pictures Section.


Next week, we are looking forward to our trip to Whipsnade! Come back and see what we have learnt!

Written by M5