Week Ending 13.3.20

In Maths this week, we continued looking at fractions and problems involving fractions. We also refreshed our minds on how we could use the bar model to help us solve problems. Clearly setting out the information that we have and the information that we need to find out. We considered our strategies, discussed them and then completed a variety of questions. We also built on our previous learning of identifying fractions and finding equivalent fractions.
In English this week, we have continued looking at 'Tales from outer suburbia' by Shaun Tan. His writing includes some things that are ordinary and other things which are quite strange. We analysed various pages of the book, inferred character thoughts and feelings and created a map beyond 'Map 268'. We will continue to focus on this next week and will be telling our own tales according to our maps.
In PSHE this week, we were discussing our topic title 'Celebrating differences'. We thought about what the world would be like if we were all the same. We also discussed similarities, the things that are different about individuals and that we should accept and celebrate our differences.

In Topic this week, we planned our double page spread for our Non-chronological reports on Mountains. We also used our notes from the previous lesson to support us in creating informative spreads. We thought carefully about our layout and the features that our readers might find useful. Some information that we decided to included was...

  • Mountain Formation
  • Tectonic Plates
  • Mountain Growth
  • Expeditions
  • Mountain Ranges
  • The Earth and what it is made up of
In DT this week, we found out more about what we would be creating as a class. An Anglo-Saxon village. We will be using our DT skills to create building frames from wood and then we will add to the frames to make them look like Anglo- Saxon homes and buildings. The first thing that we had to do this week was agree who would be making particular features for our village and then we had to plan the building, the resources and materials that we may need in the upcoming weeks.

Sports Relief!

We stayed fit and healthy by running our 'Daily Mile' as a year group!