Week Ending 28.2.20

It's Science Week!

Our school focus was looking at the senses. The sense that we focussed on in year 5 was hearing.

We completed lots of work linking our science theme to the rest of the curriculum.

Science: We conducted an experiment looking for the best instrument to use at the end of playtime. We thought about different types of sounds and the one that would be most effective for the task. We worked in teams to create the best instrument and then went outside to test the instruments using a decibel meter.


Science in Maths: We collected data from our science experiment. We produced bar graphs and analysed the data.

Science in English: We did some reading and researched information about the ear, how we hear, how other living things hear, how the ear works and much more. We thought about how information is presented in non-fiction writing, created a check list and planned and created our own non-chronological reports all about the ear.

Science in Art: We used our sense of hearing to listen to a piece of music called The Fire Bird. We thought carefully about the emotions that were felt throughout the piece and how we might want to respond to it through art. We thought about the colours, shapes, lines that we could use and we were extremely creative.

Science in DT: We created musical instruments using our knowledge of sound. We then used the instruments to compose some sound to match an short film.