Week Five- 29th January

This week, in Geography, we have been looking at the Earth's population and the impact we have on it. Here are the some of the notes we created as a class on our understanding of the rising population:


Reason 1- medicine, hospitals, charities, money, research, organ donation
Point Firstly, one of reasons may be that healthcare has improved.
Example For example, there are more hospitals being built across the world, which enable more people to have access to a doctor, this helps prevent people from dying. They are able to do this with the help of donations and support from support charities. Today alone, the amount of money which has been spent across the world on healthcare is around seven billion.
Explanation (what is the impact on the population) Some people think this is a good thing because it will help people who are sick in hospital. The impact this has on the world’s population is that fewer people are now dying in hospitals, which means the population is continuing to increase.
Another positive impact healthcare is having on the population is the better medication we have access to.

We then started to answer the question independently, here are a few examples of our work:

Next week, we will continue with our writing and our investigation into the growing population.

Have a look at both the graph and the world map. Have a conversation about what you notice and what the causes might be. Be ready to share next week!